Bonus Multiplier Slots

Today's online slot machines can not be compared with the slots that existed in yester years. The slots players have become more demanding and the previous one line reels or three line reels are not enough to keep them happy anymore.

These days it is very easy to find symbols that offer more than just form combinators. There are bonus symbols that will propel bonus games and then there are scatter symbols which are a transformation of wild symbols only super-upgraded. And then there are slots which are most attractive of all these , which are called multiplier slots.

Multiplying Symbols in Multiplier Slots

There are multiplying symbols in multiplier slots which then form a winning combinations and if you win they multiply your wins in that combo. multiplier can be compared with a wild symbol because it help in completing a winning combination which then multiplies its value . For example if you are playing a game which is multiplier slot and when there are three rows it payout is 30 coins. Now if you happen to get 2 balls and the 2x multiplier also appears in the row, you become eligible and win 600 coins.

So if you can manage and keep your multiplication tables in mind , you can easily work out the methodology of multiplier slots. If you perform simple calculations of math , you will conclude that they offer handsome payouts , only lower than jackpots called progressive jackpots which are bigger. The above scenario features only 2 times multiplier but it goes as high as 10 times in certain cases. These multipliers offer you additional options which normal slots that are non multiplying do not offer. That makes it a game which is within another game.

A good investment in form of Bonus Multiplier Slots

Comparing all the games that exist in modern day casinos , slots machines are most challenging and fun filled , and this is the reason that basic multiplier slots transformed into better multiplier slots . These are called bonus multipliers. These reward if you use maximum bet which would imply that you bet with maximum coins jackpot.

If you are lucky to hit a jackpot on a slot machine that is bonus multiplier by playing maximum coins , even they multiply the jackpot. Therefore , if you need 3 bells for winning the biggest payout , that for instance is 1000 coins for a single coin play , and when you play in that case with 3 coins which are the maximum and you happen to be winner, the bonus multiplier may pay you 10000 coins.

You might , by this time , have guessed that all is working in your favor. That simply means that you invest three times and you win ten times. This was just single example of the working of bonus multipliers and the way they can double your fun and earnings and your chances of making a fortune at slot machines. This sole reasons makes slot machines the top attractions that the online casinos offer. Start playing slots machines today and be the next winner of the big jackpots multiplier.