Celebrities Slots

Drew Carey, Pamela Anderson , Clint Eastwood and Ann-Margaret appeared about two years ago. And during previous year Gene Simmons belonging to rock group Kiss , Don Cornelius belonging to "Soul Train" fame and Morgan Fairchild made their way. The largest trade show of Casino industry this year showcased two playmates that are more famous for their looks than their legacies.

Global Gaming Expo which is held at convention center of Las Vegas has seen a decline of star power over the year . This trend is indicating that large slot machines of previous years which represented themes and pop culture are in a recession and a reserved future full of thinking and thoughts is around the corner where experiences can well trump eye candy.

Casino Manager already Knew

This trend has been witnessed by casino managers for quite some time. They had already gathered that gamblers need a run for their money and not big screens , Elvis singing something or surround sounds.

This is true due to the fact that casinos are now all over the country and they can offer more entertaining things than just one thing called gambling.

Themed machines based and licensed on popular TV shows , celebrities and movies were norm of the day and attracted quite a number of players , in fact more than any generic machine, but they were not earning as much as to justify their high costs. They did not uplift the games in a major way and now casinos are not willing to invest more on these theme games.

Survival of fittest

It is true that themes are coming and going with slot machines being pulled quite frequently and licenses are being lapsed quite easily but it should not be concluded that they are dead. And the principle of Darwin will be followed and only the strongest theme games will be able to survive.

Some of those that will be surviving include Wheels of Fortune, which is the oldest licensed themed slot machine that is still surviving and still profitable. Similarly Monopoly and Playboy are other themed and licensed slot machines that are making quite a big buck and are successful all over the world and not just in United States.

It is not a snooze fest. This year show has games that feature formulas that try to pin gamblers interest by features as multiple jackpots, Multiple bonus rounds and some mystery rounds.

One can only see what their merits are only after one wager some bucks. One thing is for sure. Themes are here to stay. It is only that we are going into an era where people are getting more selective.