Progressive Machines are formed by linking together some slot machines through network. The big jackpot is decided which takes into considerations all the machines forming part of the network. This in simple terms means that there will be a continuous growth in jackpot size till the point when someone lucky hits the jackpot.

Since the progressive jackpots are made through a percentage , the percentage paid by progressive machines may not be as high as other winning symbols, but rather it inface is less than other winning machines that may be in the casino. It is true when we consider jackpots that are life changing. But it may be noted that all the progressive machines are not one and the same. In fact they have three different types which are explained below.

Progressive Stand Alone:

These machines have no link with any other machine. They do not have a top jackpot that is fixed. Rather it keeping taking out a small percent of all the coins that are played and keeps adding it to the winning jackpot. It displays a front meter which keeps showing the jackpot. The payback is almost as equal as other machines that have same denomination with the only difference that it follows a different distribution method and top prize keeps varying. This naturally means that the top prize for this kind of machines will be lower than the machines that have been linked.

Progressive In House and Proprietary:

These are machines that have been linked and are under the ownership of a single casino. In certain cases, the ownership of more than one casinos may be with one owner and all the machines of all his casinos are linked together. They do not fall in the multi-million category but nevertheless , they can carry substantial amount with them. Their chances of hitting are more than the machines that have wide linkages.

Progressive Machines that are Wide Area:

Here are those machines which have the potential for jackpots that can change lives. Many machines of casinos that are unrelated are connected together. An operator that is independent runs these machines and not one gaming company. IGT is an example slot maker that is operating huge games like quatermania and Megabucks in many states. Casino definitely get their shares out of the wins but the ownership of the games is with the operator. Your chance that you may hit the big prize is proportional to the size of the prize. The payback percentage is lower in this case because of the overhead that is involved in linking these diverse machines in different casinos.

It is ok if you try your luck every now and then on these progressive jackpots and wait when the lady luck smiles for you but it is not recommended that you should make them your main area of slot machine gaming.

It is rather recommended that you should spare a small percentage and try that one on big prizes in this case. It is as good as you buy a ticket of a lottery and there is nothing but luck that plays its part. So you are advised that you should not invest all your savings on chasing these dreams. If you plan to play progressive machines it is recommended that you play Stand Alone or In house because they have better chances of winning. And as always remember that gaming is fun and don't forget to have fun.