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Casino online in terms of severe competition proposes much more than just slot machines. Various bonuses, a vast range of games and free slots are available at virtual casinos. Play online and get more.

Online Slot Tournaments

Our guide to slots recommends to use an excellent opportunity to take part in slot tournaments that are very favorable for gamblers. The entrance fee is low but the prize is big. It is a great chance to show your paces.

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Playing online you get special bonuses that increase your odds for winning a jackpot. If you are dreaming about a big jackpot, you should try playing progressive slots that offer enormous rewards to the gamblers.

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Online Slots Guide: Playing and Winning Online Slots


It is hard to imagine the world of gambling without slot games. Although, slot machines appeared just 120 years ago, today they are the most played games at land-based and online casinos. With development of the Internet technologies slots online gained even more popularity. It can be explained by very simple fact – the more available the game is, the more people want to play it. Besides, slots are very interesting and easy to play so anyone can do that and have lots of fun!

Slots machine games have a lot of advantages comparing with other popular casino games. They are not only the most wide-spread games, which can be find at each casino all over the world, including online gambling houses, they have probably the greatest quantity of varieties. The matter is that slots have some general principles of working mechanism, which vary from machine to machine. Among these principles are: number of paylines and reels (all slots have them, but the numbers are different), different slots symbols (each slot machine has symbols, but there are those, which may open you a bonus game or multiple your winning) and pulling mechanism (it can be in a form of level, button and at the online casinos - space for clicking a mouse). Slots usually combine several variants of these principles, so you may find 5-reel slot machine with up to 50 paylines, which offer bonus games as well as you may find slots with 3 reels and 1 payline and no game bonuses available.

Choice of slot machine to play is very difficult and responsible decision. Except for the factors, which are described above and about which you can find more information at our website, there are also some things, which are important for those, who play slots not for fun but for making money. These things are: winning chances, payment options and jackpot size. If you want to hit a jackpot you have to remember, that there are two types of them – progressive and non-progressive. More details on each of the types you will find at Online Jackpot article.

As slots are available at the Internet now, you can play them without leaving your home. Just choose online casino with the game, which attracts you, and start playing. No wonder that slot fans prefer playing their favorite game via Internet, as online slots' benefits are obvious. With our help you will find out all of them and we are sure, that online gambling will be your favorite way to get entertained!

Where to Play Online: Best Casinos

Play Slots


Bonus: $100;
Match: 75%;
Software: Vegas Tech

Play Slots


Bonus: $200;
Match: 50%;
Software: RTG

Play Slots


Bonus: £100;
Match: 125%;
Software: Rival Gaming

Play Slots


Bonus: $125;
Match: 150%;
Software: RTG

Types of Slots

The pillar of how to win slot machines is not strategies or skills; it is a right choice of a slot. There are different types of slot machines that have their own peculiarities. So, before you insert the first coin, decide your purposes and select an appropriate machine.

Slot Symbols

Slot symbols are the reason why slot machines attract so many gamblers all over the world. Images on slots' reels define the theme of the machine that can vary from a film-star to fruits. Some symbols, like wild and scatter, have additional functions of bonuses.