Regular Multiplier Slots

Winning a slot game is a feeling that nothing can beat. But one thing can surely beat such a feeling and that is when you manage to double or triple in some cases you can even multiply your win by 20 times. It is true that jackpots offers huge wins but even that can be enhanced by playing your games on machines offering bonus multipliers. Too much availability of good things does no harm

It may be noted that slot bonus multipliers machines offer even more money when you hit jackpot with number of coins that are maximum than in case of a straight multiplication. As an example , you get 800 coins for a jackpot with one coin . Similarly when you are playing two coins , it is again multiplied with 2 and you receive 1600 coins if you win. However if you play 3 coins then jackpot is 2500 which includes bonus of 100 .

It is important that you follow a good betting theory. For example you could decide that you will be playing the coins in maximum number so that you become eligible for the highest possible jackpot. In face on some games , playline displays all the jackpot icons that are three in number and they offer no win if you are betting lower than the maximum.

One more theory holds that you should only wager one coin , because that will make your stakes stay for a lot longer time and it is unlikely anyway that you hit the jackpot.

Some more multipliers Slots Games

Go for a machine which also displays multiplier icon. When that icon displays when you are on the playline for a winning combination , you payout can be multiplied by even 20 times. For example when you play a 5X machine , appearance of 3 bars will pay 20 coins on betting maxium coins. But when there is a multiplier icon at one of these three bars , your payout will become 100 coins.

You can even find machines which are offering the bonuses of both kinds. For example there is a game called Wild Cherry which has 2X multiplier as well as bonus multiplier icon.

A few Tips

Always choose a machine which suits what you personally prefer. Ask yourself if you want small wins in a steady fashion, wins that progress in a steady way or you want to go for a huge win. As a rule if the multiplier is lower, your chances of hitting the win are increased. Therefore you see that 2X games payout are more frequently occurring than a 10x games offer.

Never escape the fact that gambling could become quite addictive at times. If you are suspecting that you have developed a problem called Compulsive gambling , you need to consult and get some help from Gamblers Anonymous.